just something to listen to while you play around on Facebook, consider it background noise… or don’t, I really don’t care,

if you got a good mom, who actually loves you and is your best friend, or at the very least never harmed you, then you are one of the fortunate people, and you SHOULD hug your mom, thank her and love her with all your heart and soul, because if she hasn’t hurt you or tried to kill you, she actually loves and respects you… you are very fortunate….

Mothers hating their daughters, trying to kill them, setting them up for failure, sabotaging them, abusing them, selling them, giving them away, forcing them to have sex with men before the age of 10 is very common and happens all the time, it is happening right now while you are reading this, maybe to the kid next door, you will never know unless the kid says anything, chances are she won’t say a word, bad things happen if she speaks so she will lie n tell you how good her mommy is. and the saddest part…. that kid will genuinely love her mommy.

here is a little secret… some mothers should be sterilized, by force if needed and their children  taken away.seriously… you need a licence to buy a gun, you need a licence to drive a car, you have to prove you are relatively sane, or at the very least mentally stable to join the military.

I am a firm believer that parenting classes should be absolutely mandatory in all schools and don’t wait til grade 12 to teach it… grade 5 or 6 would be a great time to start that… and the boys have to take the same damn class… has jack shit to do with sex and everything to do with being a parent so you dont snap and kill your fucking kid when you finally have them.

teach it in schools, not just a few classes, make it a mandatory course from grade 6 thru 12, and the abuse ( child abuse) will be greatly lowered when that generation starts cranking out babies.

so where did this come from? … part of my mental health issues, well the majority, in all honesty, comes from having a mother who literally tried to kill me, not once, not twice… but three times … all before the age of 7 … what happened after that, makes me wish to this day that she succeeded in ending my life…. there are things far worse than getting killed by a psychopathic evil douche canoe who  calls herself a mother, and yes she made sure I learned that there are worse things than death…  I will be talking about that maybe next post, or whenever.

Worthless girl






2 thoughts on “Maternal Sabotage: Venomous Mothers Who Hate Their Daughters! – The LanceScurv Show

    1. I have no contact with her at all now, just before Christmas she sent me a hate fuelled letter, letting me know how much of a Whore I am, that I am an awful parent, an abomination, and living in sin and how physically ugly I am etc and that I am dead to her, it took all my strength to stop Daddi from goin after her for that, n that is fine, cuz I have a family now, and Daddi’s bio family kinda claimed me as one of their own… so it’s all good *smiles*…. but yes, it does hurt, and I am scarred and broken because of my mother, I have repeatedly forgiven her, not forgotten, but every time I do it ends badly so this time nope, best revenge is a smile and giving love to everyone but her…. I actually have no bio family now *smiles* every last one of them, including my son, disowned me. *smiles*


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