I am a victim of sex trafficking, and my sweet subsister had to flee Russia or suffer the same fate, they wanted her so aggressively that it cost one of her brothers their life, her family scraped and borrowed money to send her to Canada, she got here at age 15, spoke no English, knew no one, her story is heartbreaking and amazing, she has not seen or heard from her family since 1994.

if you do not have Netflix or are low income and can not afford to pay to see this movie, it is online free, please please watch, listen and learn.

For you Kinksters, this happens within the BDSM world as well, under age DDlg littles are a fav target, new comers to the BDSM world are targets, that is how they got me, this is very common in all classes, all races, all lifestyles.

Backpage is still operating and it is online to this day, it is simply a mouse click away to anyone.

when I was taken there was no internet, you don’t need technology to buy and sell human beings, it is so simple to do it is frightening 😦

Men, women, teens, children, trans all are bought and sold 24/7 -365, this is not just a 3rd world problem, as I said it’s world wide.


here is the link, please watch ……

I Am Jane Doe – Movie/Documentary Free , online


worthless girl



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