The Numbers are on the Rise at a very alarming rate in Canada when it comes to the sex trade, Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery, Exploitation etc … just imagine how staggering the numbers are in the USA… Like most people, you are most likely blissfully unaware that it is happening in your towns & cities, even with the movie I am Jane Doe (which there is a link in this blog to the movie, in a previous post & it’s  free of charge)

15 things you (we) Need to know about America’s child sex trade

most people remain absolutely clueless.. ohh it can’t happen here, that only happens in Asia and poor countries … well, the truth is… it is happening right in front of you in broad daylight and you are clueless … education and being aware what to watch for is what saves them ( not always successfully) .. over half of you male or female would turn away if you saw a prostitute taking a beating from her pimp… not your problem right? well she shouldn’t be doing that .. right? she deserves it for selling herself … right? most likely she is not there because she wants to be, she is being trafficked and exploited, you look at her with disgust cause you’re a f*cking idiot and see a prostitute … no, you don’t see a prostitute, you ignorant judgemental ass.. what you actually see .. is someones Mom/sister/daughter/aunt/cousin/— a human being… who is being forced to sell her body – prostitution…


are you offended because I called you an idiot? or an ignorant judgemental ass?? wanna leave a pissed off comment? go right ahead… but before you do.. if you feel that offended and upset with the simple words I accused you of being…. how do you think that girl workin the street feels when you call her a whore? slut? harlot, or tell her she deserves to burn in hell or catch aids and die, or even just look at her with contempt and disgust… how do you think she feels…

Okay before anyone shits the bed, I will from time to time try to get at you, piss you off, possible hurt your feelings, most definitely will offend you, probably make you feel uncomfortable, and  from time to time may even make you feel as though you are being accused of something, make you so Irate you don’t if you should kill me or rip me a new ass.. when I called you an idiot.. or a judgemental ass, true or not, I wanted to provoke a negative reaction.. just to show you in a very gentle kind way a very small taste of what the working girl feels she doesn’t deserve any derogatory name any more than you deserve to be called an idiot or judgmental ass.. she doesnt need your judgment, she may not even want your help, being bought and sold and loaned out does some seriously fucked up shit to your way of thinking after awhile, she could also have Stockholm syndrom .. many do.. some of you are friends with a person with Stockholm syndrom *not me * we share that friend.  couple links for you about Stockholm syndrome——>>>

Stockholm syndrome, a strategy of survival

Chibok girls changed by Stockholm syndrome

Symptoms of Stockholm syndrome

some reader interaction- Quiz for you – Do I have Stockholm syndrome

please feel free to leave the results and your thoughts in the comment section…

But wait a minute she is laughing and smiling? and they will tell you they are there because they want to be…. cuz if she doesn’t she will be hurt, you know a beating is not the only way to control someone, extreme pain and terror works well, force them to become addicted to some drug .. you know this right?

well, you can brutally rape them so violently they will do anything to never experience that again… Happens to most at least once, it is not just physically excruciating, it is absolutely terrifying, it is so degrading 15 years of therapy will not make it any easier to live with, it is beyond humiliation, it is done with the intent to break her spirit… which happens during this when it registers that she is a worthless girl, a piece of meat that no one cares about… so there is that,

or branding not that cutesy little brand some people sport that was professionally done or the little  brands that mean something to some people in the BDSM world  or get off on… naw that is consensual controlled shit,  here is how it’s done to control people heat up a nice big hunting knife or a big piece of steel at least 4 inches wide, not on a stove or in a fireplace.. again that is amature.. use a blow torch and really heat that fucker up so she can feel the heat when it is a foot or so away from her.. threaten to brand her if she doesnt comply… promise you won’t if she just makes you the money… then do it anyway so the bitch knows pain.. tell her its gonna be worse next time… ohh she dont get time to heal nope wthin 10 minutes she is makin money or videos or both.



burn her with the blowtorch is another way, or cut their face, not just nick, cut from her eye down her cheek to her mouth or throat,,, you’d be surprised at how much that fucking destroys her, the result of that is zero self-confidence, zero self-esteem. zero will to live, zero self-respect, zero faith in anything, zero sense of worth, not monetary worth, she is well aware what her body is worth, self-worth… no one is gonna love and want her never mind the sex slave part, no one wants a freak… she becomes a worthless girl. that is what having your face cut will do to you .. I know this to be true cuz for the last 22 years I have had to look at that scar.

This is me, this would be 1 of many reasons that I never show my face in photos, except to those I love and trust the most, another reason is, as far as I am aware the Man that sold me to the people (yes more than 1) that made me a sex slave has never been arrested, why would he be? a decade passed before my freedom was bought, who is going to believe a heroine addict that claims she was sold, forced to become a sex slave then forced to fuck for money in hotels, backrooms of bars, shops etc… no one that’s who..

That scar goes from my eye down to my mouth then across my cheek, and if you think it was just men who I entertained at my owner’s clubs and their home, you’d be very mistaken women had their way as well, when I wasn’t entertaining their guests I was taken from hotel to hotel and sold repeatedly could be anywhere from 15 to 20  people in 15 or so hours, I wasn’t the only one forced to do this, at any given time there were 5 or 6 of us in the house some were new and by the end of 7 days not only were they a heroin addict they knew how to please men and women… boys passed through once in awhile maybe 15- 20 of them per year.

Of course not all addicts are prostitutes and sex slaved or being trafficked, thing is the average person can’t tell the difference, not that it matters, people generally don’t deliberately become addicts, most times they don’t even know they are an addict until they are done partying and its time to go home … DT’s are a Bitch! and you will do absolutely anything to make that pain go away…

next time you see an addict you don’t have to help them just don’t judge them, you don’t know what led them there, was it accidental? by force? are they self-medicating? ( Military Vets and those on active leave do this quite frequently.. understandable serve your country then get kicked in the head by the same country) point being… you don’t know the reason.

you don’t have to help them, just don’t hurt them. most will never ask for help, doing so could get them killed you never know, most will refuse your help… even if you are smart enough to know the look in their eye says please help, they refuse for any number of reasons, the number 1 reason.. they don’t trust you, everyone has abused them, you learn quickly that people who are kind, offer help, promise to get you help, promise to take you away from that life.. just try and gain your trust so they can do to you what has already been done, sometimes worse it is a very cruel way to make you give up hope and realise that you may very well die in that life… the real fun part is not knowing if the person offering help is there to test you or is sincere, because yes your captors will send people to try and lure you away, or get you to talk, fun little game that is <<sarcasm>> you learn fast to say nothing.

Those who get out alive are fortunate, a great many do not, you seriously think anyone cares? if a trick kills you so? there are a dozen more girls that will be forced to take your place.

everyone wants to fuck a minor, including politicians, police officers, youth workers, doctors, lawyers, very wealthy people, and foreign diplomats including Saudi prince’s,

when you get too old for that, as I said 20 -21 ish, your ass is put on the street,

when you stop making money there or make less,  give the bitch a lethal dose of heroin and throw  her body  behind a dumpster is a great way to get rid of her costs, money to feed her, supply her drugs, clothes ( if she is lucky) and all the goodies she needs to look nice and smell good, they even teach you how to do your self up so you look even younger. cheaper to get rid of her if she isnt making enough money…

society will just think another junkie overdosed or got bad drugs and when they find out she was a prostitute.. isn’t beautiful how people condemn sex trade workers and the dead?

without knowing that they are most likely not selling their ass because they enjoy sex and easy money.( it isn’t easy) or how exactly they died?

you see a dead junkie, or whore, I see someone’s daughter or mom or sister and I can’t help but wonder… if she was deliberately killed, death by overdose, prove it was murder. you can’t. Dead overdose victim left outside Sanford walk-in, prompts plea from Fargo PD

or they sell you for a very specific type of movie… snuff films, if one of your owners says your gonna be in the movies… means you are going to be used in the most vilest of ways then if your lucky take a bullet to the head there are many ways to kill someone and in those movie creativity counts.

if you made it this far into the post, congratulations, much respect to you for surviving the roller coaster ride through hell and back … You have very nearly reached the end of this post dear traumatized reader, so now,  I am going to finish off this post with a couple videos of sex trafficking survivor stories to end this post, I would very much like to hear your thoughts? opinions? feel free to leave me hate comments too, If I upset you, angered you, good, if I triggered you and you are not  nor have ever been in the sex trade… even better,


I will never apologize for being direct and graphic, I will not sugar coat shit for anyone’s benefit, I lived this and came out the other side along with millions of lucky ones, and millions more are being trained and sold as you read this, millions more have died .. the least you can do is hear the fucking truth without bitching and whining about triggers and how I should word it differently..


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4 thoughts on “Words of Experience – the Sextrade/Human Trafficking/Exploitation/ETC. Links to articles quizzes definitions, picture n such

    1. I would like to think so, it is hard to believe that when you know young girls & women (& boys too), are more of a commodity & less of a human, it’s even harder to believe when you know exactly how much $$$$ a young girl a woman and boys are worth


  1. Incredible to read. I am shocked, stunned and deeply saddened – it’s hard to know just how to feel about this. I work at a truck stop and I am sure this has gone on in front of me – without my knowledge. Now I have a bit more inside information from your writing and videos, and I will keep an extra vigilant eye open for suspicious activity. There are hotels all around the truck stop, and I do see what I think are “working girls” visiting my establishment walking from those hotels and the trucks. I wish there were some way to signal to them that I would be a safe person to ask for help…like a pin or a nail polish color on one nail…like the domestic violence purple left ring finger signal. I appreciate you giving me this education and I am so incredibly saddened that you had to endure any of this kind of stuff. THAT really is the saddest part. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading this and watching the videos, I know it is very hard for most to read this blog to watch those videos and follow links etc I know how very hard it is for you to read and learn about this, especially since you work at a truck stop, Thank you xoxoxo please don’t be sad for me, I survived I am alive and have good friends, a loving boifriend , all things considered I am blessed, be sad for the girls who are being forced into this, be sad for thosetrapped in it, and be sad for those that have died because of this, please dont forget them they may be gone but deserve to be remembered, or at the very least have people aware that they once existed in this world, even though I don’t know them, I will acknowledge them all, even though I don’t know the people in the videos, I keep their stories so they do not become forgotten and invisible, I am sad for those being forced into this or those already in those are the people you should be sad for, not me xoxo


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