First off understand this Blog deals with some extremely uncomfortable topics, such as but not limited to: Suicide, Attempted Murder, Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery, Incest, Abductions, Drug Addiction, & much much more. Obvious Trigger Warnings, it is on YOU if you read and get triggered, it is NOT on us, we are NOT responsible for your mental health or well being, YOU ARE!


This site belongs to Janine & Leslianne, the contents within is our life experiences or related/similar experiences, this blog was started as a coping mechanism, Therapeutic writing, a place to release the pain, for the two of us, We do hope this site continues to evolve, and that more people ( any gender, any sexuality, any pigment, any ethnicity, etc)   will step forward and share their stories, ( by being given  a contributor/author – authorization to write directly on this site, and of course credit themselves & provide a link to their blog(s)  ), also people will be able to write anonymously or for a friend, or have Janine or I post it for you ( would be the for a friend), we want this blog to be used for others to tell their stories, to be heard, regardless of the stats ( it will grow over time) your stories will be online for eternity long after we cease to exist, you will be heard (finally)


We are constantly working to collect numbers and links to resources on a Global Scale, the links will always have the country of origin included. we will be adding links on the side bars header and footer as we build up this blog. the goal is to provide a safe space for Victims of Trauma & Survivors to tell their story, ( talk about their experiences) the writers do NOT have to moderate their words, thoughts, the way they speak, their language used, their anger, hurt, frustration, resentment, hate etc, a place to unload and be heard. this isn’t an etiquette blog, This blog is driven by raw emotion, and a desire to help others, or at least let them know, they are not alone, we are out there, we survived just as you have, and it does get better in time. we hope this blog helps educate and make people aware of what is going on in the world around them, people who are aware are the most powerful tool in the fight to end this horrible fact of life, we want the world to know, these topics are very uncomfortable for people, nothing will change if everyone continues to ignore it, to remain silent because you are uncomfortable or offended, is condoning the crimes, your silence tells the Offenders that it is okay nothing bad will happen to you. and they do, Offenders don’t really hide, they do however hide their victims especially when they are young and just being “educated’.


So welcome to this blog, please try to keep the comments civil when directed towards the writers, we/they already have enough Demons and Monsters, we/they do Not need your approval or disapproval and certainly do NOT need to be condemned by you or anyone, we are good at condemning ourselves thank you, we do not require your help to do that.

Please refrain from unloading the pray to god, jesus will heal you fucking B.S, we Respect your personal beliefs, but they are that PERSONAL.. we don’t need a sermon, we don’t need to be saved by anyone’s gods. we don’t need any sort of religious dogma of any faith, we have our own personal beliefs or none beliefs, respect that please, and we will respect your beliefs.

your comments will be moderated to prevent such things as religious dogma, hate, victim blaming, any sort of condemnation or blame etc.  Ignorance is expected but NOT tolerated. you are expected to use Google and your library and shelters etc to educate yourselves further, we are NOT educators, we don’t have all the answers and each victim has their own experiences and hell they live with, it is not a generic cure all.


That said… Welcome xoxo


peace and love to you and yours, each and every one of you xoxo